Looking for a special speaker for church, camp or retreat?  We offer engaging, illustrated, clear articulation of Biblical truth.  We are Biblical, Christ-centered and committed to equipping believers for the work of the ministry.


TheKiln offers one-on-one Biblical counseling, discipleship and counseling for couples.  God’s Word is sufficient to help you as a believer navigate life’s challenges and opportunities, and we look forward to hearing what you are going through and applying God’s Word.  Click here to download a Personal Data Inventory.  All counseling is performed under the purview and authority of local, Bible-believing churches.

Research researches pressing cultural, practical and theological issues (and most often, some combination!).  Our approach is Biblical, and our concept of God is rooted in verses like Psalm 147:5, Psalm 33:10 and Revelation 4:11.  To learn more or suggest a topic for research, contact us.

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