How Sin Develops

The graphic below illustrates James 1:15 and will help you understand how sin starts and how to destroy it before it is too late.

James lays out how sin develops in a person's life:

  • lust (sinful desire) is conceived in the heart,
  • it gives birth to sin (it manifests itself in sinful behavior),
  • it causes damage in their life and leads to death.

When lust gives birth to sin, it presents itself through sinful behavior - words, actions, choices, neglect in relationships, etc.

Sin causes damage in your life and works death:  death of joy, peace, a clear conscience, relationships, etc.

Sin must be killed at its root:  lust, which is sinful desire.  When we look for ultimate satisfaction outside of Christ and trust, fear or love something more than God (Exodus 20:3), sin finds fertile soil and begins to take root.  If we crave and long for something and push God's Word aside, we reap what we sow.

Pay close attention - daily - to the things you desire.  When you find yourself trusting, fearing, coveting or loving something more than God, remove your sinful passions and desires (Galatians 5:24) and rest your satisfaction in Christ.



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