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Baylen Levine: Child of Pseudomodernism?

By jjohnson | March 24, 2022

It may seem surreal to some that a 21-year old man is able to make hundreds of thousands[1] of dollars walking around Wal-Mart performing expletive-laden…

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Jesus Matters

By jjohnson | June 9, 2020

Do black lives “matter”?  John 3:16 is answer enough.  Selah. But John 3:16 demonstrates something infinitely more “dope” than any particular cultural movement.  This verse…

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When Perceptions of Reality Clash

By jjohnson | May 19, 2020

Each one of us views life’s events through our own unique position in the world.  We bring our own backgrounds, experiences, knowledge and personalities into…

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